About Age With Atttitude

Want to live the life you want to live? Age With Attitude (AWA) is a smart, sassy, supportive online community for Australians aged 50 plus. Join our community now on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Age With Attitude uncovers game-changing ideas that empowers people over 50+ to live the life they choose. We encourage new thinking and ideas that enable older people to actively participate in their own lives and in their community.

Our goal is to raise the prominence of the contemporary ageing sector by challenging traditional stereotypes of older people and shaping conversations with a difference featuring articles, products and services that better meet needs, wants and lifestyles.

We refuse to fall into the trap of regurgitating views, opinions and stereotypical viewpoints about older people, so often perpetuated by the mainstream media.

With a team that bridges the gap between the various ageing demographics, Age With Attitude will respond to the fast-changing views and interests of the newly emerging ageing generation by providing contemporary content that is thoughtful, relevant and aims to challenge and provoke discussion.

We will achieve this by:

– providing interesting and high quality content,
– listening, responding to and improving our content based on feedback,
– remaining politically neutral, and
– respecting our ever-increasing audience.

If you have any questions along the way please contact us.